Elder Dieter Uchtdorf’s Hobbit Analogy

When Elder Uchtdorf first mentioned the Hobbit, my attention became fully focused on his next words. I loved the analogy he used in comparing the comfort of our homes and reaching out beyond that comfort zone to help others. A takeaway I have from his talk is that I want to do everything I can to return to the Heavenly comfort of our Father in Heaven’s love and home.

Elder Gary E. Stevenson gave words of caution about the adversary

When Elder Stevenson told the story about children who had been warned to watch out for skunks while playing. Then later reported that they had seen no skunk, just a black cat with a white stripe down its back. I pondered how the father of lies, our adversary, has more years of experience and memory than we can even comprehend. One of my takeaways from this talk is that we have no hope to think we can outsmart Satan on our own. I think the only way any of us can hope to return to our Father in Heaven is to follow His teachings and draw to him in all our thoughts and deeds. Only when we rely on the Lord completely can we know that He will protect us from being deceived by the adversary.

Elder Neil L. Anderson talked about Fruit, but not just any fruit…

When Elder Anderson began his talk with a humorous remark about fruit, he had my undivided attention. There are several references to fruit in the scriptures. When he talked, it brought to my mind thoughts of the warmth of our Heavenly Father’s incomprehensible love for us all. He spoke of turning toward our Savior and partaking of everlasting love and joy. I felt a renewed vigor to reach after the warmth and comfort the atonement brings to anyone willing to want it. I know that our Father in Heaven wants us all to have the happiness and joy he freely offers us. All we have to do is want it… to begin the journey.

There were so many wonderful talks and inspiring moments. for instance, I had no idea it was an option to sustain the prophet with any appendage other than my hand. Nevertheless, it seems that, if circumstances permit, apparently a foot may do. I encourage anyone who has not been blessed with the opportunity to watch or listen to the latest General Conference from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I would encourage you to seek out the first opportunity to do so. The added gentle peace and humor I would think should brighten and lift anyone’s day and mood.