Best Thanksgiving Turkey Rub Ever!
This recipe is pretty much the easiest ever marinade and makes your turkey taste as if you spent forever making it taste this good. Not only that, it’s only four ingredients–not including the turkey of course!
I recently received this to experiment with quantities. I came up with the following: The consistency of the final marinade looks like a thick pea soup, only purplish. Marinade the turkey overnight and then cook it in the morning using your preferred method. 😉

2 cups grape juice (I used purple)
½ cup powdered chicken bouillon
¼ cup peeled garlic cloves (fresh is best)
1½ onions 3½-4” in diameter, skins removed and roughly chopped in about 8 pieces
1 turkey 5-8 pounds
Optional: 1 quartered apple

Pour grape juice into the bottom of a blender. Follow with the bouillon. On top, place the garlic cloves and onions.
Blend until onion pieces are the same size as everything else.
Pour 1/3 of the marinade on the washed and prepared turkey (remove the neck and internal organs). Rub and spread it around a little with your hands.
Flip the turkey over and repeat with another third of the mixture.
If using apple, stuff three quarters into the large cavity of the turkey and the last quarter in the small cavity.
Tuck wings under, affix drumsticks, and place in a sealed bag or container overnight.
Next morning. cook the turkey in ovenproof container and marinade as it cooks with the remaining mixture.
Let it rest a few minutes before carving.
Enjoy the turkey and the reactions of your impressed friends and family. 😊

Hint: If you want extra moistness, try cooking the turkey upside down. Just remember to tuck those wings on the underside of whichever way you choose before cooking.